Time Management

How much of your day do you spend reading the work of others versus writing your own story? Not literally writing your story with a pen or keyboard, but being out there living your life.  Spending some time journaling or blogging has its own benefits but that's a topic for another post.  Of course, if you are reading this blog now then you are doing what I'm about to tell you not to do. So I'm making this post brief in the hopes that you'll finish it and step away from your device. By all means, stay connected but strive for balance. Find a few sources of inspiration, of news, and in connection to the important parts of your community but don't get sucked down the rabbit hole. Take stock of how much time you are spending on other peoples thoughts and what they are doing in their lives in comparison to how much time you are spending on your own thoughts and what you are doing with your life. Take a few days to track how you use your time - there are some great free apps you can use, or an index card and pencil will work too - and see what you discover. OK, now turn off this device and go 'write' your own story.