Pet the Cat

The easiest way to find a cat is to place a piece of paper on the floor, or in the middle of the table, and a cat will magically appear in the center of it.  I'm sitting at the table, trying to do some work and immediately there is a cat covering what I need to read. OK let's reframe that. There is a cat sitting in the middle of what I want to read. I can get mad at the cat - it is called a Cat-a-pult for a reason - and fling the cat off the table or I can take the opportunity to experience the moment that is, rather than the moment I expected. Here is a loving, soft, cuddly pet who purrs with every stroke and rolls around on my work with such pleasure. Will I take advantage of the blessing, the unconditional love, that has been sent to me? I've been senta message from the divine - the universe, mother nature, whatever your belief system - that what I need right now is to take a few minutes to pet this cat.

You may not have been blessed to have a cat in your life but recognizing and taking advantage of the little messages that are being sent applies to us all. The dog who looks longingly at you and then at the door, saying let's go out and have some fun. The birds in your backyard singing joyfully and encouraging you to stop and listen just for a few minutes. The ray of light that is shimmering on the wall or floor. Look for those messages today and 'pet the cat' if only for a few minutes.