Why celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, May the 4th, and other silliness?

Can you remember when you were a little kid and play was a regular part of your life; when you played dress-up, had imaginary friends, and sang silly songs? Those who are parenting young children or spend time with grandkids or other peoples' kids get a chance to relive the joy of play. But how much do we engage in play just for ourselves? Joy and laughter do more for your health than a green juice smoothie ever could. Have you had your dose today?

Oh, grow up! How many things did you give up because of those three little words? Most of us can recall that by the age of ten we were trying to act like the bigger kids, then trying to hang with the teens, to pass for being an adult, to be cool and not childish. We entered the work world and put on the 'suit' that we thought our career demanded. We search for a mate and discard other things we enjoyed so that we appear more desirable. Then after a certain age we begin to try to appear younger physically. But what about thinking younger again? When we are 'young at heart' it manifests itself in our body and it also sends a message of confidence and vitality to those around us. Can you recall someone who was like an old man when they were 16? On the other hand, do you know a 65 year old who lives their life like they are still 30?

So tell a silly pirate joke - when we laugh together it builds connection, boosts energy, lessens pain, and strengthens the immune system. Don't take yourself too seriously and greet your family, friends and co-workers with 'Avast ye mateys', 'shiver me timbers', and Aarrghh.