Change your Altitude, Change your Attitude

When is this winter going to end? The calendar may say Spring but we know otherwise. It’s false spring, the spring of our discontent, but not the kind of spring with daffodils and bunnies for us. Once again it is snowing. Once again we are shoveling. Snow is definitely a four letter word around here this time of year and it no longer makes us smile.

So what to do? Sometimes I just need a change of scenery to shift my attitude. I was fortunate to get off the hill recently, down to an altitude where it is spring. I stood in an almond orchard where the trees were covered in blossoms and not snow - where the ground was white with blossoms and not snow. It made me smile: the photo still makes me smile.

The brief respite has left me open to the possibility of spring coming. I’m starting to look for and noticing subtle signs of spring despite the snow on the ground – the call of the cheeseburger birds (Mountain Chickadees) the tiny buds on the willows, and the frenetic activity of the baby squirrels.

What do you need to shift your mood? Do you need a day in the foothills or will a walk through a greenhouse or nursery do the trick? Is it time for looking through a seed catalog, planning and planting for your own flower garden? Take an actual or virtual vacation from winter and then let it empower you to be present with what is rather than yearning for something else. Take pleasure in the anticipation of spring, even if that pleasure seems meager right now. Celebrate what is. Try to say, “I love this time of year when ___________.” Is there something you can genuinely fill in that sentence with and can you repeat it when you are tempted to curse the snow?

Remember that too soon it will be November and we’ll be expectantly reading long term forecasts and watching for the first joyful flakes.