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Dr. Karen Sessler

is committed to helping others have a healthy body and life through her work with her coaching clients, and in her workshops, seminars and writing. She has had a lifelong interest in a wholistic approach to wellness, a passion for learning, and a devotion to team-based approaches to achieving goals. A graduate of Albany Medical College, her work as an emergency physician, general practitioner, and elder care consultant has given her broad experience with the challenges that impact health throughout the lifespan. Her experiences in these varied, and often stressful, environments led her to explore and develop systems for self-care and wellness that she wants to share. Dr. Karen loves to learn and share her knowledge at work and at play - as a ski instructor, environmental and local history docent and hike leader. Whether the journey is out into nature or into a re-connection with your body, life purpose, and health, she will guide and partner with you on your journey to True Health.

At Hub and Spoke Wellness we recognize that deep down you know what you need to do to have the healthy body and life you desire, but have difficulty with how to actually do those things. We provide education, self-discovery tools, and engaged coaching that can help you achieve your goals.  At Hub and Spoke Wellness we place you at the center: guiding you to discover your life passions, transform negative beliefs that hold you back, and connect with your body and the spokes of your life. We want empower you to be the Wheelwright of your own life - the person who greases the hub so it spins effortlessly and who adjusts the tension on the spokes so they are balanced and firmly connected to the smooth, round rim - so that the wheel that is your life rolls smoothly down your chosen path. This is called truing a wheel. Let's make your life True together!

  • Clients will come to feel that they are the most important healer in their life.  
  • Clients will adopt healthy practices that nurture all aspects of their life.
  • Clients will come to appreciate that they have a greater ability to heal themselves. 
  • Clients will feel empowered to speak their truth. 
  • Clients will feel comfortable discussing all aspects of their life in an environment free from shame or judgement.
  • Clients will feel that they are living a life of authenticity.